Song development for creative talent
Got a song or idea but not sure how to take it further?

Music production is an all-encompassing term. It could be small scale development of a song, for example, adding an original beat or sample to a song. Or it could be large scale development of an artist, from arranging songs composed on guitar to a full band set up with orchestration and releasing a mastered album for world-wide distribution.

Whatever your dreams, Artemus Studios can help you realise them.

With a plethora of the highest quality virtual instruments and a library of excellent professional session musicians, it’s possible to breathe some magic into your music. Collaboration often produces results that far exceed expectation compared to developing everything on your own.

Examples of what can be done:

  • Additional instrumentation – eg. add drums and a bass part to your song, or arrange a piano part
  • Develop the genre of your music
  • Add a convincing orchestral or choral part using high-quality virtual instruments that are regularly used in TV/Film/Games
  • Customise synths or add classic synth sounds
  • Replace stems from previous recordings to improve sound quality or make corrections
  • Advice on song arrangement