"Twist and turn 'til you've got it right
Get the balance right"

Artemus Studios has been sound-treated as a control room to flatten the frequency-response as much as possible. This is so that tracks can be mixed in an environment where you can get the most honest representation of the sound. 

It’s important for a mix to sound good wherever it’s played, so having a reliable monitoring environment with the right tools is essential.

No one engineer will create a mix the same as another; there’s an art to the science of mixing and it’s highly subjective! That’s why Artemus Studios will work closely with your vision and help to deliver the results you want, together with all the guidance you need.  

Mixing is included as part of the booking for a recording session (including up to 3 revisions)
~ recorded tracks will be mixed after your session and are normally received within one week
Standalone Mixing service available
~ send stems for your track and have it mixed, ready for mastering
FREE consultation service!  
~ send your mix and get feedback


  • Outboard tube compressor
  • Outboard Lexicon reverb
  • Behringer MIDI control surface 


  • Izotope
  • FabFilter 
  • Melda Productions
  • Avid
  • and more