"The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all"

ADR stands for “Automatic Dialog Replacement” or, more descriptively, “Additional Dialog Recording”.

A large percentage of the dialog heard in movies are actually rerecorded lines performed in the studio after the movie has been captured on film. This is done for numerous reasons, for example when there is too much unwanted environmental noise on location such as the hum of a generator or wind or large crowds or busy roads.

Actors come into a recording studio and have to deliver their lines again, giving the same performance. This is actually very difficult to do as not only do the words and their rhythm have to synchronise with the lip movement on screen, but the intonation has to convey the same emotion. Fortunately, there are some techniques and some tricks an engineer can use to make the task easier and deliver incredibly convincing results.

Voice-over on the otherhand is a voice that is heard off-screen, such as narration, or for CGI/animated characters where the dialog is usually recorded first.

Artemus Studios is equipped with the following:

  • A dedicated, sound-treated vocal booth
  • A display monitor in the booth for reading prompts, scripts, and viewing scenes during recording
  • Headphones for foldback
  • Comfortable environment and atmospheric lighting
  • A selection of microphones to suit the voice and the purpose
  • Outboard pre-amps